Whirlpool 48,000 Water Softener and 3 Bottles of Cleaner

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Whirlpool 48,000 Water Softener and 3 Bottles of Cleaner

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KIT Whirlpool 48,000 Water Softener and 3 Bottles of Cleaner

Whirlpool 48,000 Water Softener and 3 Bottles of Cleaner

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Professional installation available for additional fee. Contact store for details.


With advanced technology and a range of features – this Whirlpool Water Softener system from RC Willey brings next-generation water softening convenience and efficiency to your home. With 48,000 grain capacity and 12 ppm of clear water iron, this is an ideal softener for households with high levels of hardness and iron. It also has a built-in, self-cleaning filter screen for homes with sediment issues and private well water supplies.

To help keep your Whirlpool® Water Softener free of contaminants, iron and hard water build up, it is important to use the Whirlpool® Water Softener Cleanser. With regular use, you can extend your 2-year parts and labor warranty up to 10 full years by purchasing and using cleanser as recommended. (Cleaner must be purchased during the first and second years of the manufacture warranty and registered online).

To extend your warranty, just follow these two simple steps.

1. Upon purchase of your water softener, register it online at www.whirlpoolwatersolutions.com.
2. Purchase 3 bottles of Whirlpool Water Softener Cleaner each year and submit your receipts online.

Each year that you purchase the three bottles of cleaner and submit your receipts you extend your warranty by 1 year, up to a total of 10 years.

Professional install sold separately. Call or see store for details.

Included in this set:

WHES48 Whirlpool Water Softener WHES48
Whirlpool Water Softener WHES48

Get this 48,000 Grain Capacity Whirlpool Water Softener from RC Willey. This water softener helps avoid hard water damage to plumbing, appliances, dishes and clothes with a Whirlpool® Water Softener. Soft water saves energy, too. Features include super high-flow valve, do-it-yourself installation kit, water flow indicator, water management system, illuminated LCD display, lighted salt storage tank, low salt light, and demand initiated regeneration.

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WHE-WSC Whirlpool Water Softening Cleanser Formula
Whirlpool Water Softening Cleanser Formula

Keep your softener running as smoothly and efficiently as possible by keeping it free of contaminants, iron and scale buildup that can clog the valve. Use the cleanser every 4 months for best performance.

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Whirlpool Water Softener WHES48 (View Details)
  • 48,000 Grain Capacity - Ideal for family size of 1-6+, comes with a space-saving single tank design.
  • High Hardness Removal - Removes a maximum of 160 gpg of hardness
  • Salt Saving Technology - This feature ensures that your softener will always be providing soft water for your entire home but also minimizes the amount of salt you will use. Whirlpool® Water Softeners are the most salt-efficient units in the industry.
  • Demand Initiated Regeneration - Water softeners need to regenerate to continue to soften water. With Demand Initiated Regeneration, the Whirlpool® units monitor your water usage and only regenerate when necessary, which minimizes your water and salt usage. Older timer-based models regenerate on a set cycle regardless of how much water you?ve used; this can result in unnecessary water and salt consumption.
  • Low Salt Light - This is an indicator light that will inform you when your softener is getting low on salt. When the light comes on you will be low on salt, not out. This will allow you a few days to refill the salt tank.
  • Super High Flow Valve - Designed for worry-free plumbing flow characteristics. Delivers maximum water flow even when multiple water-using devices (showers, appliances, etc.) are being used the same time. Connects to plumbing up to 1 ¼? in diameter (1 ¼? plumbing requires special adaptors for installation).
  • Do-It-Yourself Installation Kit - Softeners come with detailed instructions and everything you need to install the unit, including a bypass valve.
  • Illuminated LCD display allows for easy viewing in bright or low light situations
  • Sediment Guard with Internal Filter Screen - This feature will filter sediment and other particles to 70 microns and is ideal if you are on a private well supply. By comparison, a human hair is approximately 75 microns in diameter.
  • Water Flow Indicator - Display indicates when water is flowing through the system. The water flow indicator could also show a potential leak in your home?s plumbing.
  • Water Management System - This system allows you to view and monitor the performance of your softener and your home water usage.
  • Lighted Salt Storage Tank - Light inside tank allows you to view the salt level inside the tank.
  • Installation kit included – connects up to 1 ¼'' copper, PEX, CPVC and other major plumbing
  • Whirlpool water softeners are NSF certified to reduce hard water symptoms
  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA
Whirlpool Water Softening Cleanser Formula (View Details)
  • Whirlpool water softener cleanser maintains your water softener’s peak efficiency and performance
  • Helps remove harmful deposits from your water softeners resin bed, valve and system
  • Designed to treat Whirlpool and other brands of water softeners
  • Recommended use every 4 months


Collection Whirlpool Water Softener
Model KIT
Dimensions 19"W x 18"D x 41.5"H
Weight 119.45 lbs.
Finish Gray


Manufacturer Warranties

  • 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 3-Year Limited Electronics Control Board Warranty
  • 10-Year Limited Tank Warranty

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