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DSW.PURRSUASION.STOCK Tuftex Stainmaster Purrsuasion Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Purrsuasion Carpet
DSW.FAUX.PAW.STOCK Tuftex Faux Paw Carpet
Tuftex Faux Paw Carpet
ALA.WONDER.WEAVE.STOCK Mohawk Wonder Weave Carpet
Mohawk Wonder Weave Carpet
DWC.FINISHING.TOUCH.STOCK Dream Weaver Finishing Touch Carpet
Dream Weaver Finishing Touch Carpet
MHK.NATURAL.VICTORY Mohawk Natural Victory Carpet
Mohawk Natural Victory Carpet
DSW.PURRFECTION Tuftex Stainmaster Purrfection Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Purrfection Carpet
DSW.ROAMER.STOCK Tuftex Roamer Carpet
Tuftex Roamer Carpet
DSW.PAW-TAY Tuftex Stainmaster Paw-Tay Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Paw-Tay Carpet
DSW.SKETCH Tuftex Sketch Carpet
Tuftex Sketch Carpet
DSW.LOREDO Tuftex Loredo Carpet
Tuftex Loredo Carpet
KAR.TREASURED.APPEAL Karastan Treasured Appeal Carpet
Karastan Treasured Appeal Carpet
DSW.CABO.COVE Tuftex Cabo Cove Carpet
Tuftex Cabo Cove Carpet
DSW.MOSAIC Tuftex Mosaic Carpet
Tuftex Mosaic Carpet
Peerless Stainmaster Roma Carpet
Peerless Stainmaster Roma Carpet
KAR.AUTHENTIC.LUXURY Karastan Authentic Luxury Carpet
Karastan Authentic Luxury Carpet
DSW.PAWSTRUCK Tuftex Stainmaster Pawstruck Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Pawstruck Carpet
DSW.LUNA Tuftex Luna Carpet
Tuftex Luna Carpet
BRE.BRAVERY Dixie Home Bravery Carpet
Dixie Home Bravery Carpet
QUE.TOP.PICK Shaw Top Pick Carpet
Shaw Top Pick Carpet
DSW.PAWNACHE Tuftex Stainmaster Pawnache Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Pawnache Carpet
DSW.MUSE Tuftex Muse Carpet
Tuftex Muse Carpet
DSW.MERA Tuftex Mera Carpet
Tuftex Mera Carpet
QUE.OBVIOUSLY.II Shaw Obviously II Carpet
Shaw Obviously II Carpet
BRE.HORIZON.HILLS Dixie Home Horizon Hills Carpet
Dixie Home Horizon Hills Carpet
DSW.FUR-EVER Tuftex Stainmaster Fur-Ever Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Fur-Ever Carpet
PHL.CREATING.MEMORIES Shaw Creating Memories Carpet
Shaw Creating Memories Carpet
KAR.TRADITIONAL.LUXURY Karastan Traditional Luxury Carpet
Karastan Traditional Luxury Carpet
DSW.SCOUT Tuftex Stainmaster Scout Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Scout Carpet
PHL.REFINED.AFFECT Shaw Refined Affect Carpet
Shaw Refined Affect Carpet
DSW.DREAMSCAPE Tuftex Stainmaster Dreamscape Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Dreamscape Carpet
PHN.MAVEN Phenix Stainmaster Maven Carpet
Phenix Stainmaster Maven Carpet
Peerless Stainmaster Tabriz Carpet
Peerless Stainmaster Tabriz Carpet
PHL.SUKI.DANCE Shaw Suki Dance
Shaw Suki Dance
PHN.CHIC.STRIA Phenix Chic Stria Carpet
Phenix Chic Stria Carpet
BRE.LEADERBOARD Dixie Home Leaderboard Carpet
Dixie Home Leaderboard Carpet
PHL.FLOWING.SPIRIT Shaw Flowing Spirit Carpet
Shaw Flowing Spirit Carpet
PHL.TRENDING.UPWARD Shaw Trending Upward Carpet
Shaw Trending Upward Carpet
DSW.WIZARD.OF.PAWS Tuftex Stainmaster Wizard of Paws Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Wizard of Paws Carpet
DSW.POSE Tuftex Pose Carpet
Tuftex Pose Carpet
PHL.AURA.MOOD Shaw Aura Mood Carpet
Shaw Aura Mood Carpet
BRE.TOPLINER Dixie Home Topliner Carpet
Dixie Home Topliner Carpet
PHN.OPULENT Phenix Opulent Carpet
Phenix Opulent Carpet
QUE.FOLLOW.MY.LEAD Shaw Follow My Lead Carpet
Shaw Follow My Lead Carpet
PHN.POSH.STRIA Phenix Posh Stria Carpet
Phenix Posh Stria Carpet
QUE.NATURE.TRAIL Shaw Nature Trail Carpet
Shaw Nature Trail Carpet
PHL.ARTIST.INTEPRETATION Shaw Artist Interpretation Carpet
Shaw Artist Interpretation Carpet
PHN.BESPOKE Phenix Bespoke Carpet
Phenix Bespoke Carpet
PHL.RIVETING.REVIEW Shaw Riveting Review Carpet
Shaw Riveting Review Carpet
PHL.SOLITUDE.MOMENT Shaw Solitude Moment Carpet
Shaw Solitude Moment Carpet
BRE.DIAMOND.CLUB Dixie Diamond Club Carpet
Dixie Diamond Club Carpet
PHL.WARM.MEMORIES Shaw Warm Memories Carpet
Shaw Warm Memories Carpet
PHN.CONNOISSEUR Phenix Stainmaster Connoisseur Carpet
Phenix Stainmaster Connoisseur Carpet
DSW.THE.BARK.SIDE.I Tuftex Stainmaster The Bark Side I Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster The Bark Side I Carpet
DSW.STARGAZER Tuftex Stainmaster Stargazer Carpet
Tuftex Stainmaster Stargazer Carpet
QUE.YOUR.DECISION Shaw Your Decision Carpet
Shaw Your Decision Carpet
QUE.FASHION.FLAIR Shaw Fashion Flair Carpet
Shaw Fashion Flair Carpet
QUE.STAR.GAZER Shaw Star Gazer Carpet
Shaw Star Gazer Carpet
BRE.CARMINE Dixie Home Carmine Carpet
Dixie Home Carmine Carpet
KAR.ORGANIC.MOTION Karastan Organic Motion Carpet
Karastan Organic Motion Carpet
MHK.PRISTINE.VIEW Mohawk Pristine View Carpet
Mohawk Pristine View Carpet

RC Willey sells and installs wood, carpet, laminate and tile flooring in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Reno and Boise.

We sell Stainmaster carpet, berber, waterproof wood, laminate wood and ceramic tile to make your home, your way. Buy from a company you can trust with the best brands like Tuftex, Mohawk and Shaw. Come see the newest styles including wood plank tile and Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet. If you want new flooring, RC Willey is your local store. Visit one of our flooring showrooms near you in Salt Lake City, Orem Mall, Syracuse, Murray, Ogden, Draper, Henderson or Summerlin.


RC Willey carries a large selection of carpet flooring that would look perfect in your home. Find the perfect carpet for your home at a flooring store in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California. You can even browse our website to help you with ideas on what would look great in your home.

Carpet Pad

RC Willey carries a variety of carpet padding to make sure you have enough support. Ask an RC Willey sales associate about the different options you have for padding for your carpet.

Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for laminate, we have carry a number of options for your home. Try water resistant laminate. It will help stand up against those occasional spills. Find a flooring store near you today.

Vinyl Flooring

If vinyl is what you are looking for, RC Willey has a large selection of vinyl flooring. Find what you are looking for today at a RC Willey near you.

Tile Flooring

If you are looking for tile to fit you bathroom, mudroom, or kitchen, we carry a number of options at would look beautiful in you home. Find what you are looking for at a flooring store near you.

Hardwood Flooring

If you love the look of wood in a home, RC Willey has several options that would look beautiful in any setting. Wood flooring is a great alternative to vinyl flooring if you love the wood look. Find what you are looking for today at a RC Willey store near you.

Request an Estimate

RC Willey has a free floor measure option available for your flooring. See how much carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile, or wood you would need by having us measure your home for free (within regular installation areas). Follow this link for more details:

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